Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The #SongToStartTheDay

It's been a year since I started to post a picture of the last song of my commute to work from my iPod Classic on my Instagram account.

Here's the first one, from January 3, 2018:

 Here's today's song:

I started to do it because I don't take many pictures so my Instagram account was looking weak. I started to just post whatever came up and keep it random, but after a while, I decided to make sure there were no duplicates, so I usually curate the last song in advance.

I use the hashtag #SongToStartTheDay to keep track of them. Anyone on Instagram can check it out as well as my Facebook friends, since I cross-post to my personal FB timeline.  On Instagram I post a YouTube link in the comments.  On Facebook I post the YouTube link as well as any other links about the song I can find.

Maybe I give people morning ear-worms, maybe I inspire someone to seek out the track. That would be cool. It's fun anyway. Enjoy!